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Biomedical Waste Management Expert (Short term)

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Profile Summary
Experience Required : 8 Years (Minimum)
Location : Kohima, Nagaland, India.
Opening Date : 12th May, 2017
Closing Date : 31st May, 2017
Other Compensation : At par with market standards
Sector : Strategy | Management Consulting Firms
Functional Area : Medical Professional | Healthcare Practitioner | Technician
Job Type : Social
Position Type : Consultancy
Organization Profile
The organization is engaged in creating impactful solutions that make a difference to the society. They achieve results at scale by catalyzing partnership with clients and communities. We believe in ethical business, nurturing talent to be courageous to push the limits of knowledge and discovering new ways of doing things.

Their experience, high quality skills, breadth of sectors, services makes us one of the best players in delivering management, and sustainable development solutions for public and private sector clients and partners.

They has demonstrated in-depth understanding of sectors to project design and development using our skills across all stages of the development cycle from strategic planning, detailed project design, and advisory services to design and implement solutions. It's service offering incorporates all aspects of project and program management, development sector advisory, monitoring & evaluation and documentation.

Focused on rural and urban poverty, it is a professional services provider. Their experience on planning, advisory, technical & management encompasses the social, institutional and gender dimensions of development. They work with a range of clients which include government, bi-lateral and multi-lateral agencies, international NGOs, corporates and corporate foundation.
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About the Assignment
We are hiring a Bio medical Waste Management Expert for providing inputs on short term basis in Nagaland. The Consultant will support the Project Management Unit (PMU) in handling all steps of the Biomedical waste Management. The Consultant will be required to possess an excellent understanding of the World Bank guidelines. Tasks will include the following:
  • The Consultant shall examine the pros and cons of a range of alternative institutional arrangements (including commercialization and corporatization options) for their amenability to creating financially self-sustainable biomedical waste services. Such arrangements shall include: municipal waste departments or authorities, regional waste authorities. For medical and hazardous wastes, arrangements shall also include: inter-facility arrangements and government authorities. The Consultant shall propose a strategy by which efficient delivery of biomedical waste collection, transfer, and disposal services would be optimized. The institutional recommendations shall address problems in the existing biomedical waste management system.
  • The Consultants will be expected to recommend appropriate organizational management systems, cost recovery mechanisms, tariff structures and cost recovery targets for biomedical waste collection services, transfer, and environmentally acceptable disposal.
  • The Consultant should assess whether the biomedical waste system should be managed as a whole or in part.
  • The existing systems for collection transfer and disposal shall be examined by the Consultant to assess the pros and cons of centralized versus decentralized institutional arrangements.
  • The proposed strategy should be accompanied by recommended organizational structure(s) with institutional relationships and responsibilities clearly defined. Corresponding management systems and operating procedures shall be formulated. Illustrative staffing plans should be prepared including the type and level of skills required and identifying any labour shortages or excesses within the system. A capacity development program for managers and technical staff shall be prepared if deemed advisable, identifying general training needs in terms of topic, mode, duration and source.
  • The Consultant shall conduct a comprehensive financial analysis of the biomedical waste collection (including pre-collection, recycling and transfer) and disposal (including any composting, incineration, recycling and other means of treatment/resource recovery) systems. This shall include a validation of capital requirements estimated by others, if any, for new transfer, disposal, and treatment facilities and incremental pre-collection, recycling, collection and transfer vehicles and equipment. It shall also project debt service (or depreciation/renewal), operating, and maintenance costs over the first five (5) years of the operation of the proposed new facilities and equipment. The land to be devoted to new facilities shall be appraised.

The consultant will report to Project Director Nagaland Health project, Directorate of Health and Family welfare, Government of Nagaland.

Duration of the Assignment: 2-3 months spread over 6 months
8-15 years of relevant experience
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Contact Person : Jaspal Shakya