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5 Non-technical Skills Required For All IT Professionals
Monday, October 13th, 2014

Are you an experienced IT professional with an engineering degree and now looking for career growth? If yes, then this article will help you take some steps ahead in the direction of your goal. 

Most IT professionals with an engineering degree and some years of experience aim for the post of Vice President of the technical division in their existing employer company or a new organization. The post might have a large number of candidates competing at the same time. So it is important that you have some edge over your peers. 

Though there are many VP engineering jobs but getting selected for one of them could be tough. However, you would find an edge over others if you possess some non-technical soft skills. 
These non-technical skills required for all IT professionals can help you get the job of vice president of engineering. Here is a list of few most important soft skills needed for your career growth as an engineer.

Critical Analysis and Problem Solving Skills
A large number of IT professionals have the natural ability to think critically and analyze situations to solve problems. However, they are not always able to apply them while practically carrying out their work. Engineers desirous of being promoted to the post of vice president of engineering should cultivate this habit. Though, engineers are most of time willing to adopt changes in technology but are not equally willing to change their manner of tackling everyday works. Here also critical thinking and analysis is essential for better management of works.
Managing Finance
As an engineer, it is obvious for an employee to be able to understand the technical aspects of an IT company. However, when one aspires to reach the post of Vice President of engineering it is important for him to be able to understand financial matters as well. The VP of engineering is responsible for development and delivery of products should have the sense of cost and turnover. If you want to become the VP of engineering, then you should be capable of reading financial statements and investment portfolios and understand their effects on the business. For being the Vice President of a company, you would be required to play the role of a decision maker for your organization. In that case, you cannot neglect the financial matters as today all organizations whether for profit or not, need to deal finance tactfully.
Power to innovate and its practical application
For the IT industry innovation is the key towards success. Therefore, IT professionals are expected to have an innovative bent of mind. However, innovation without practical sense for application could be of no help at all. When you are aspiring to become a Vice President of engineering in any IT firm, it is a very important that you have the ability to apply your innovations to develop a product having commercial help. Certain steeplechases in the path of innovation are pressure of deadline, handling of multiple projects simultaneously, rigid guidelines for product development, etc. Qualities of time management, multitasking, etc must be developed to overcome such hurdles.
Communication and marketing skills
Any Vice President of an organization is required to communicate the goals of the organization to his or her subordinates. Moreover, he or she might have to communicate to the clients as well about their products and help them realize how their products are better than their competitors. All these aspects make development of communication skills a must for you if you are willing to become the VP of engineering in any company. While marketing IT products, it is important to keep in mind that the clients are not IT professionals. Therefore, communicating with them using technical jargons can affect your marketing efforts adversely. You should be able to explain your clients about the products in the layman’s terminology.
Ability to Lead
The post of a Vice President in any company is an administrative or managerial role. A manager is the charioteer of the company as he takes the company ahead by taking decisions and managing the company. Proper management of the employees in any firm requires great leadership qualities. The VP should be able to motivate his or her team members to innovate and develop products. He should be able to inculcate a sense of pride among the employees to help them work in a more dedicated manner for the company. The VP should communicate to them the vision and mission of the organization so that they can work towards the achievement of such goals.

Shipra Sinha Shipra Sinha works for Info Edge (India). She is passionate about creating content for the digital media. Loves to travel and reading. Follow her on Google+
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