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Bioinformatics: What is it and why it is hot?
Monday, January 12th, 2015

In the technology-infested world, computers are used for everything. They gather and store all the information. They are used to analyze and integrate information that is then applied to discovery and development in almost every field.
Bioinformatics: What is it and why it is hot?
The science of application of computer technology to the management of biological information is the main purpose of Bioinformatics. Bioinformatics is the science that deals in the detailed study of biological data. This field develops software tools and methods for the understanding of complex biological data like genetic codes.
Bioinformatics involves the use of techniques including informatics, computer science, statistics, applied mathematics, chemistry, artificial intelligence and biochemistry to solve molecular level biological problems. 
The major research in this field includes alignment of sequences, genome annotation, gene finding, protein structure alignment, data mining, interaction between proteins, study of prediction of gene expression, modeling of evolution. Drug discovery and compound screening are also the specialized application of this field.
This field is one the most important fields of biological sciences. This is a new technology however it is developing at a very fast pace. There are many experts associated with this scientific field. People have made their careers in this subject and are now making a hell lot of money. Besides, the handsome money they are getting, they are gaining a lot of knowledge and experience as well. 
Bioinformatics is making revolutionary discoveries even faster than microbiology.  Although microbiology is directly related to microorganism, bioinformatics has brought about major advances in the study. The immense growth in this field is majorly due to the contribution of experts. They are the ones who are inventing new ways in which the database that is collected on micro-organisms in stored in the memory of the computer. The application of statistics has also grown tremendously, and that is why to handle the work load smoothly, bioinformatics firms are hiring more and more employees.
Their research projects include an analysis of raw experiment data, gene annotation, gene prediction, codon usage analysis, sequence analysis of genes and analyzing microarray expression data.
The drug discovery and development:
In the earlier days, the drug was discovered by identifying the active ingredient from remedies that were traditional. Today scientists understood that diseases are controlled at physiological and molecular level.  A few drug discovery methods are the manipulation of molecules, random screening, the designing of molecules and serendipity.
For those who are interested in this field and want to pursue a career in it, a minimum acceptable qualification of the subject is required. After getting to that level, you can become eligible to apply for these jobs. Since the research, methodology is made simpler and easier by this subject. Other fields also are interested in seeing this practical subject’s advancement. 
After achieving the minimum qualification level, you can apply for bioinformatics jobs. The best way to search for these jobs, however, is an internet search. When you search for bioinformatics jobs online, you can get proper detailed information about the job and explains all details accurately.
Jobs in Bioinformatics
Mostly, the jobs in bioinformatics are advertised on some specific websites. These are non-commercial websites that are mainly used to find experts n the field and dedicate their expertise to employers so that the field would start running faster.  The employers also are interested in advertising their job offers on these websites. This makes their offer targeted to the right audience, and they do not want to advertise to the non-professional individuals.
In the United States, there is the biggest pool of these job opportunities. Experts are hired from all across the world to fill these vacancies. Every year new organisms are discovered, and this data is stored and analyzed by using statistical information and computer technology. This procedure expends this field in all dimensions.
This kind of approach applies computational facilities for the better understanding of various biological processes. Bioinformatics aims at improving the content and utility of biological databases. It develops better and quality tools for data generation and its capture and annotation. It helps in developing and improving tools and databases for in depth functional studies. These tools improve the representation of data and its analysis of sequence similarity and variation. Bioinformatics helps in creating mechanisms that support an effective approach for producing robust and exportable software that can be shared widely.
The application of bioinformatics include gene therapy, personalized medicine, improve the nutritional quality, alternative energy sources and the reality of bio weapon creation.
Author: The author is an extensive researcher in the field of science and has a passion in the field of Bioinformatics. 
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